Stern words have never been spoken; no direction has ever been given. Strength unmentioned, love still needed. Wishes unheeded, not granted and grant it I may have anyway taking it for granted but at least for a minute that opportunity would have been appreciated. No baseball games, no nicknames, no words written down to use that would have made the chicks came. This isn’t poetry this is life, this is strife, this is my mother’s pain in the day and my tears at night. My sister on the bottom bunk this is our plight, or the pullout couch we shared for at least 5 years, well I can’t complain it’s just life. Or maybe not life, but at least mine, when my niece sheds tears for her father and I can feel her pain cause when mine walked out I felt that sting, impossible to clean up a mess when your heart is stained. So I promised my sister that for my niece I’ll be there always till my dying day. But cold shoulders make the coldest of winters feel less bitter, living off the memories prettying up a lie with more glitter. More allure, more bullshit, one fishing trip a few pickup games in the park and he’s pissed caused you missed some bullshit visit. I’m a MAN, but not the one I would’ve been if you would have been there. I see death and embraced it I feel no fear. But for you not to be here, I can never embrace that. Longing for a shot of love, but it seems that I’ll never taste that…

I without U

Hakim Floyd