Michelle Angelique Davidson

Story of Angel

Michelle Angelique Davidson

Angel was clearly aware of all the clichés in life, but here she was at a crossroad in her
life. Here she sits at twenty-seven re-evaluating all that she expected in her life, for nearly the
hundredth time. Pictures in her mind, tracing all the way to her youth begin to flood through her veins. Then out of nowhere, a sudden rush overwhelms her entire being. She closes her eyes…

As Angel reopens her eyes, she sees herself as a young girl. There she is sitting beside
her desk listening to music and writing her goals, hopes, dreams and deepest wishes in her favorite notebook.  With a childlike awe, full of innocence and wonder, the master plan in life begins to be written out. It was always easier for her to express her emotions on pen and paper. For Angel, it was a way for her to feel closer to whoever may listen to her desires and to learn about herself.  Her writing consisted of what she shall be when she grows up, to when she wants to marry, how many children she want to have and the qualities of her dream man.  At the end of writing it all out, a sense of release and satisfaction consumed Angel’s heart. Her essence felt like one day it will all come true..

Poof! Moments later Angel is transported to a different segment in her life.  No more a
little girl, now this present Angel is that of a teenage girl. Yet again we find ourselves at the same setting. That same desk, only now instead of a book there is a computer replacing the pen and paper. The concept remains the same. Angel sits by her desk, allowing all her emotions, words, longings to fill the electronic page. Years have passed since she sat down to write something from her heart. It felt like her soul was calling her to express all that has changed and all that she still yearns to obtain. New aspirations have replaced those distant yet still so close memories and desires in life. As she sits and writes, she notices that . . . yes life has begun to  slowly unfold and lay down the foundation she has been wanting since a young girl. But there are still some things that are missing. She decided to make the modifications on what she thought she needed in life. Nevertheless, Angel feels now sadness as she finishes writing her letter. A part of her spirit feels that naivety exiting and in the upcoming years it being replaced with a jaded image of her. That concept scares her with a passion, she closes her eyes again to hold back the tears . . . Breathe an internal voice says . . . just breathe.

Time hurts and heals as bitter sweet as the cliché is. Angel begins to age and evolve into the woman she will learn to embrace. Time continues to fly. Angel witnesses herself zooming through the years of her life. Going to college, growing into adulthood, hardships, happy times and heart breaking moments, it is as her life is fast forwarding through a motion picture. Everything Angel sees she feels intensely and it touches her heart on a vast level. Her senses feel like it is going through sensory overload. Again the internal voice says, breathe. Angel sees life events unfold that begin to shift priorities and close herself off further and further to where she always needed to be, where she longed to be, where she knows she should be.

Then a fog falls into the air. Angel blacks out for a moment. As her eyes begin to regain its clarity and sharpness, there Angel again sees herself but now at a closer point in time. Yes it is a newer chapter in her life. One very close to where she is at now, perhaps only a few weeks prior. Her deepest darkest dreams came true. Somehow in the mist of life and its rollercoaster ride, Angel has begun to put a cover over her heart and go inward to a place she never wanted to go into. Her heart cannot take any more hurt, pain, disappointment or stagnation. She always wanted to be free like a bird, experiencing all that life has to offer and to be able to trust those around her. Sometimes life has a different approach. You must lose all sense of what you think is right, let go of your wants,  let go of your fears and slowly remove layer by layer to expose the real you. The true essence of your mind, body, heart and spirit in order to gain vision on what you always wanted can be at your fingertips. If you learn to just breathe. That internal voice always saying “breathe” was trying to help in an indirect way. For life is a journey that in order for you to appreciate you have to go through all the negative and positive experiences so you could venture through the right door. Letting go to breathe and have your spirit be your guide, will open you up to a whirlwind of pleasant opportunities. That is if you can be ready to accept what possibilities can come your way.

All that knowledge filtered through Angel’s being as she watched herself, writing again as the woman she is presently. She began to let go. Fully, unconditionally let go. Allowing all that is supposed to happen in life happen. She wrote with a fury she never had before. Now I am ready she wrote. It is time to allow the signs to fall into place. The words paint a picture a new one of her life and she is able to whole heartily see. Then the puzzle pieces start to click into place.

The room began to spin. Angel was in awe. I am back where I started out she said. But is she really at the same place? In the physical sense, yes, right back where she was before she closed her eyes. There is something very different now. That magic trip tracing her youth to present did something so special to Angel. Now it is time. Angel knows what she needs to do. She begins to document all that has happened to her, in hopes that what she foresaw will come into motion. That the doors will open in her career, she will begin to lay down the roots for her life and share it with someone she always knew in her heart is meant for her.

In twenty-four hours, her life began to change. The sign showed itself and Angel was not afraid to take the leap. For life is a twist of various turns. Learning to be true to your spirit and nature and not to lose sight of yourself as things become, empty or hard, but to remain strong and learn to breathe was all the lessons she needed to allow herself to have that door open. Into his arms she plunged…arms wide open, heart ready to fall and hope that what once was forgotten and buried, flourishes like the flower she always was. Life found a way to work itself full circle for Angel. Now Angel’s new wish is to capture and touch your hearts with her story and hope you can apply it in a way you believe is fit for your lives. For one voice can spur a change that is needed for all. . . .